For the past year I have become increasingly interested in the minimalist, isn't it funny how something immediately sounds somewhat douchy when calling it a movement? The concept of minimalism. I find it very appealing, for varying reasons, but perhaps especially because I often feel overwhelmed by life and the growing array of choices [...]

sunset over field

“The place where you are now”

This place where you are right now God circled on a map for you. Wherever your eyes and arms and heart can move Against the earth and the sky, The Beloved has bowed there – Our Beloved has bowed there knowing You were coming. I could tell you a priceless secret about Your real worth, [...]

The Runners - a short film

The Runners: A short film

It's a common assumption (backed by science and then some more science) that running is a good way to improve your mood and general cognitive wellbeing. An effect that is probably related to the intricate relationship between the moving body and a mind that is momentarily removed from the direct sensory onslaught of everyday life. It's [...]

The Raptors

As much as Stafford never wants to make a big deal of his birthday, he always ends up choosing a really awesome way to spend the day. This year: The Raptors! "The Raptors is Vancouver Island’s premier Flying Birds of Prey attraction! Located in Duncan in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  The [...]

Digs up, ladies!

I'm not a home owner. Since I'm 33, and being a grown-up no longer seems to be an optional affair, this absence of property has started to  bother me increasingly. To the point that, for the past year or two, I've been suffering from a mild case of domicilium invidia. Or - in the common tongue - home-owners envy. For the most part it's pretty self-explanatory, [...]

Ninjas and diagnoses

I've been feeling a little crappy this week. There's some uncertainty as to whether this suffering is an extreme case of hay-fever or if it's an actual cold. Or a bored little throat ninja at work. Regardless, the condition has been deteriorating since Monday and what started as continuous throat clearing has crescendoed into a [...]

Saltspring Island

One Friday morning not too long ago, I woke up to an  envelope containing the following, ever-so-lovely little card: Inside, a message to pack my bags...Because after work, we too are getting on a (slightly bigger and not pea-green but blue and white) boat to whisk us away  for a weekend on Salt Spring Island! [...]